What is The Drum?

The Drum is Europe’s largest media and marketing website and the fastest growing in the US and APAC.  Each month we attract over 1.4 million unique users and have over 200,000 social followers.

Our role is to help our readers to make informed decisions and by showcasing the very best effective digital advertising executions, we can promote the people and businesses behind the best work.  We want to get you noticed by potential partners.

Our global positioning means that we are constantly being approached to media partner major events and we work with the likes of Cannes, SXSW, DMexco, CES, New York Festivals, Advertising Week, Clio Awards, etc.

Background to The Drum Digital Advertising Awards

Up until 2019, these awards were known as The Drum Digital Trading Awards, however as we all know, this industry is evolving at pace, which is why ‘Digital Advertising’ was felt to be a more suitable title. And in the 25th anniversary year of the first digital ad, it made even more sense.

In the modern world, every business needs to be able to navigate their way through the digital minefield and produce work that gets cut through and results, which is why these awards were created – to unearth the talented individuals, teams, products and services that are making the biggest difference in the digital advertising world.

To ensure we give entrants the most value, we will be publishing shortlisted case studies, with the entrants’ permission, to our global audience. We will be using thedrum.com and our social assets to make our contenders and their work famous.

For the cost of one entry price, you could secure global amplification and profile.

Who can enter?

Anyone can enter, whether you are an individual, agency, brand or organisation producing effective digital advertising executions.  The awards are open to the whole of the APAC region including Australia, China, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, etc.

Why Enter?


Picking up an award proves that all the hard work was worth it. It gives your team the energy to keep pushing boundaries and raising standards.

Client relationships

It's good to remind your clients why they work with you from time to time. Having the work you've done for them recognised by the industry is powerful stuff. Even more so if you bring them along to the awards night to pick up the trophy with you.


If you pick up awards, it also picks up the interest of new talent. You can expect smart people to be knocking at your door to see if you have a desk for them.

New business

Good clients who are after good work keep an eye out for the good businesses who are winning awards. A few extra trophies can give you a real advantage when you're hunting for new business.


There's no better way of getting publicity than for being excellent. The Drum will cover all of the shortlisted work on thedrum.com. With over 1 million unique visitors and over 200,000 social followers, that’s no small deal. And we recommend that you use an award win for further PR opportunities too (but we don't need to tell the PR industry that!). If you achieve something this special, you really should make a noise about it.​

Knees up

Then, of course, there's the awards show. And our awards shows are legendary. They're a great opportunity to reward your staff, pamper your clients and let your hair down.

Key dates

Put these dates in your diary right away...

Early bird deadline: 27 June 2019 - for a discounted entry rate
Official deadline: 11 July 2019
Extended deadline: with late fee, on request 

How much does it cost to enter?

Early bird - First entry - SGD $400.5

Early bird - Additional entries - SGD $265.5


Standard - First entry - SGD $445

Standard - Additional entries - SGD $295

  • You may enter as many categories as you like, however each entry must be treated as a separate entry and payment made for each.
  • In order to get the discounted rate for any additional entries, please ensure you enter them all at once.
  • If you are a member of The Drum Network, you will receive 10% off your entries, and if you are a charity you will receive 40% off your entries.

Entry tips

•  Give each entry a unique title to grab the judges' interest - try to avoid generic names.

• When writing your report, don’t assume the judges have seen the work or campaign. Give clear concise answers on the brief, objectives and results. Figures should include the starting point and any increases in numeric terms, not just in percentages.

• Only use additional password protection if it’s absolutely necessary.

• Please include usernames and passwords, if required, for the judging; i.e. a private YouTube video and make sure the links work.

Writing your Entry Report

Your report should be no more than 1500 words. 250 words should be used for an executive summary and you must use the entry templates below. 

Your report should cover:  (different for agency/creative team - see templates) 

Executive Summary to summarise the key points in your report.

Brief description of project/campaign.

Provide details of the budget.

Brief and objectives, including any targets set. (e.g. costsaving, income generation, increasing brand awareness).

Strategy for achieving the above objectives (including details of marketing, PR etc).

Results including evidence of effectiveness prior and post campaign e.g. increase in sales/revenue/traffic/awareness etc. Please provide comparable before and after figures. Use exact figures rather than %.

Testimonials - are not essential but can help to improve your report

How do I enter?

Please follow these steps to enter: 

  • Sign in as a member (very top right of site) to set up your account or sign in/submit entries if you have already created your account and are ready to enter
  • Browse the categories to decide which ones suit you best. Remember you can enter as many as you like but they will be treated as separate entries and charged at the reduced second rate entry fee.
  • Entries into the awards are report based and this is what you will be judges on. Please read what to include in your report. (further down this page)
  • Once you have registered and logged in, go to your ‘dashboard' (top right) and ‘add an entry’
  • Upload your report (PDF/Word, .doc or .docx max size 10mb) in the box provided.
  • Submit your 100 word summary, in the box provided, which will show live on the site if you are nominated/win. This will be used to give visitors to the site an insight into what your entry was about and why it was successful (do not include confidential information here) 
  • Upload URL if applicable to your entry, in the box provided.
  • Attach a leading image in the box provided to support your report (Jpeg max size 10mb ). Please note this image will go live in the event of your work being nominated so please take this into account when choosing this image. Image for judges eyes only should be added to the private media field.
  • Option to upload up to additional images in the boxes provided to support your entry (Jpeg max size 10mb)
  • If you are entering a video, please follow the instructions provided.  This will also go live in the event of a nominaton.
  • Check your entry meets the rules criteria. 
  • Follow the onscreen instructions to submit your entry and make payment. Please note: you will only receive the 2nd entry rate if you enter all your submissions at the same time. Leave your entries in your basket until you are sure they are complete.
  • Entries received after the 11 July 2019 deadline will be subject to a 10% late fee.  This will be added on at the payment stage. 
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you and a receipt will be issued to you within a few days

Once this process is complete your entry will go forward for judging.

How will my entry be judged?

Regardless of budget, size of the project or scale of the resource, entries will be judged objectively in their own merit.  It's a fair playing field for the large and small projects.

After the entry deadline, the judging panel will be given access to read your submission and view your images, videos and links. The jury will be looking for evidence of:

•  Clear strategic thinking

• Creativity and Innovation

• Tangible results and outcomes

After the panel have carried out their pre-judging, the judges will meet to discuss the entries and decide on the finalists, commendations and award winner, which will then be revealed shortly after at the Awards Ceremony - 12 October 2019

The Awards Ceremony

Those who are nominated will find if they have won an Award, received a Commendation or remain a finalist at the awards ceremony which takes place on 4 October 2019 in Singapore.

Event Details

Date: Friday 4 October 2019
Venue: Singapore
Time: 6.45 - 7.15pm - 1am
Dress code: Black tie

Ticket Prices

Single Seat: SGD $495
Table of 10: SGD $4500

*Tickets will be on sale soon*